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Make 2019 Your Best Year Yet For Power, Freedom, Balance and Impact: How to Breakthrough the 5 Ego-traps That Sabotage Your Dreams.

Hosted by Dr. Vijaya Nair Founder of SoulAccess Meditation Programs

Work Less, Worry Less, Prosper More, Enjoy More

In this short, powerful, live web-class, you’ll discover:

• How to stop making “Toxic Goals” for yourself and your business by understanding what they are and why most people’s goals fail before they even get started.

• The root cause of ALL your stress and the “Stress Solution” … the simple yet powerful mindset shift that cures it and will lead you into the effortless success zone.

• The 5 Ego Traps that sabotages you from building unstoppable momentum towards your goals. 

• The Procrastination Cure and why it works towards you taking consistent action towards your New Year’s goals.

• The single most important factor in your day to day highest performance in life and in your business.

• And much, much more… 

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Dr. Vijaya Nair

Meet you host: Dr. Vijaya Nair 

Dr. Vijaya Nair a Ivy league trained physician, medical researcher, author, entrepreneur and international speaker. She is a Transformational Health Expert and Business Mentor/Coach. Dr. Vijaya is the Founder of, Enlightened Success Mastermind and CEO of and the author of PreventCancer, Strokes, Heart Attacks and other Deadly Killer.  

Her audience includes successful and starting entrepreneurs and professionals who are in search of something better and bigger in their lives – including Peace of Mind, Increased Productivity, Success, & Having Great Teams/Partners!  

Her approach is to be practical, big picture oriented and to make this an outstanding partnership where all can win.  

Dr. Vijaya lives in beautiful Westchester County, NY with Dom, her beloved and Bianca, their precious maltese. She has 3 married children who are in love and enjoying their honeymoon years! :-)