9 Wellness Activities to Incorporate Into Your Corporate Health and Wellness Program

1. Throw a monthly healthy potluck

The lowest stress, easiest-to-plan celebrations come in the form of the classic potluck. Everyone helps, everyone eats, and no one has to do a bunch of crazy cleanup. A feast of this size would be impossible for just one person to throw.

Exactly how easy are potlucks to plan? Well, you can “plan” one this very second.

Just create a sign-up sheet with 2 columns (one for a name and one for the food item). Add a date and a location at the top and then post the sheet to the fridge in the main break room for people to list what they’re bringing.

You can even give your potluck a theme to make it easy for people to decide what to bring and also to make sure all the dishes have something in common. (Although there’s nothing wrong with a delightfully random assortment!)


2. Order in lunch for the office, especially during crunch time on big projects.

Reward your team for putting in the extra hours by ordering in lunch for them. Stick to something healthy of course – salads, wraps, Mediterranean, or a taco-salad bar or all good options.

3. Show your employees how they can improve their health

Bring in a specialist who offers biometric screenings and health assessments, and more importantly, can give people a roadmap to improved health.

If you find someone willing to spend some of their precious time at your office, be sure to make the process as easy as possible for them. Have an outline or a list of questions ready so the person knows what they should cover. (And of course, a thoughtful thank-you present is certainly in order!)

Most practicing physicians don’t make office visits. Here are some tips for finding a health expert to come to your office:

  • Work your network! Does anyone in the office have a doctor in the family?
  • Consider fitness experts you know. Yoga instructors, gym teachers, personal trainers, and people in similar roles often have a strong command of basic fitness and nutritional needs.
  • Contact your local public health office. Many of these offices have people dedicated to public education.

4. Incentivize smoking cessation

In a study conducted by The University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and Wharton School, employees who were financially incentivized to quit smoking were 3 times more successful at ditching the habit than non-incentivized employees.

5. . Celebrate “Wellness Wednesday”

Dedicate hump day to try out any of the ideas on this list. This is a great tactic if you have an office that is set in their ways or otherwise resistant to change. One day a week seems much more manageable (and less overwhelming), and can be a gateway to healthier lifestyles.

Wednesday is great because it’s in the middle of the week when employees usually experience a bit of a lull. 

6. Help combat eye strain

Staring at a computer for hours on end can take a toll on your vision. The blurred edges of computerized typeface force your eye to constantly focus in and out for hours on end, which can lead to headaches and fatigue.

Here are a few of our favorite tools to help prevent eye strain.

  • Flux adapts the color of your screen to the time of day.
  • Time Out reminds you when to take a break.
  • Pangobright is a free utility for Windows that dims the light on your screen according to your preference.

7. Survey your employees to find out what is working and what is not

Don’t waste time and energy on corporate wellness initiatives that employees don’t find engaging or beneficial. Use Survey Monkey or Google Forms to create a survey to collect feedback from employees.


Creating programs to deal with each level of human mind- behavior produce results. The science proves it. If you’re not sure how, I have options. You’re always free to CLICK HERE and start a conversation with me about how a holistic systems approach can best help you and your team be more resilient, more productive and in harmony… and help grow your business!

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