Appreciating YOU!

In times of stress the one person we often forget to give thanks is ourselves.

Today, I like to take this time to give you thanks for your Presence, Radiant Light and Perseverance.

YOU are the Gift the world needs right NOW.

My desire is for you to remember your radiance and magnificence always.

I invite you to gift yourself the following:

1. Stand in front of a mirror, and look deeply into your eyes for at least 15 seconds.

2. After 15 seconds, while still looking deeply into your eyes, thank yourself.

  • Thank yourself for the resilience you embody and for making it this far. The fact that you have become the person that you are today after everything you’ve been through,  is something that must be honored and celebrated.
  • Thank yourself for choosing to be loving and kind as often as you can.
  • Thank yourself for embracing the magic and wonder of life.
  • Thank yourself for knowing that you are perfect exactly as you are, even if the mind sometimes tries to convince you otherwise.
  • ​​Thank yourself for choosing to incarnate and play an important role as a being of love on the planet during a time of great awakening for all humanity.
  • Thank yourself for being committed to a path of expansion and freedom.
3. Give yourself a big hug.

And that’s it.

I see you, I honor you, I love you. Have a Blessed Day!

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