Are you suffering from burnout?

Years ago when I fell so ill mentally, physically and emotionally and I heard the term burnout, I just knew it was describing my journey through hell.
With my own recovery experience and the recovery stories of many of my clients here, I know that the burnout experience is like a ” burning out” like the devastating effects of the  bush fires we are witnessing all over the world….pun intended. 
It describes your “devastation” when your fire seems to have burnt itself out. It also, captures vividly the nature of the experience. My clients describe it as ” I could feel my brain, my nervous system being fried.” “Instead of thriving despite all my best efforts, I was slipping in a downward spiral.” 
And yet, as for me and others here, burnout has a a message of renewal.
What is burnout?
Burnout is one of those words that seem to define this moment in history. It’s no longer an unusual event along with midlife crisis, stress, serious chronic illness, all of which have connections to burnout. And it can re occur again and again, in different forms as you continue to ignore the evidence and refuse to see our Real Nature or the Design of the Human Being. 
The classic signs of burnout are:
  • A growing emotional, mental and or physical exhaustion which isn’t alleviated by sleeping.
  • An increasing sense of being cut off from ourselves and other people
  • A decreasing ability to be effective at doing what we have always done, either at work or at home
  • An increase in watching TV, drinking alcohol, eating junk food, shopping, playing with video games, pursuing casual sex or seeking any other form of escape that is addictive
  • An increase in physical symptoms ranging from back pains, chest pains, frequent headaches, or loss of libido to chronic fatigue

And much more…

When the dis-connect with your Innate wisdom is growing, you are angry, you are tired, you can’t relax, and often you are in physical pain, there seems little meaning in what you are doing, and you don’t like yourself or anyone else very much.You over-ride your danger signals and just work harder and harder till one day you just become so incapacitated and have no choice but to stop.

Instead of searching for a cure for burnout, our Soul needs must  be listened to and honored.

The message in all my Programs here is that burnout is the state of body, mind and spirit  reached by those of us who have come to the end of this particular road but haven’t acknowledged this to ourselves yet.

Burnout can be a door way to walk through into a life with space, love and joy. Indeed a sense of being able to be finally your true self. Your old ways of reacting are not working anymore and you need to stop, re think and find a new way forward. 

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