Thought For The Day To Meditate On

We all want to be better versions of ourselves, there’s always room for self-love no matter what accomplishments you have previously made. You always have to pay attention to loving yourself and loving others. Forgiving and forgetting the harm done to you- that begins and ends with us. Can you imagine how much better the whole world would be if …

How to Get Unstuck in Your Life

I want you to tell you about how to get unstuck if you are stuck in any area of your life for whatever reason. It looks strange, but know that there are benefits for being “stuck in any area of your life.” Stuck-ness is a seemingly dark energy field, and it’s something that most of us are not comfortable with. I …

The Blame Game

Oh my God. That’s a very familiar game. In my case, I’ve played it so many times in my life and have always come out a loser on the other end. It didn’t matter who I blamed, it was a no-win game. I always felt miserable, even when I was blaming others in my headspace. But then one day, I …

Thought For The Day To Meditate On

Question your thinking and ask yourself if there are thoughts that are hindering you as a person. Whenever you feel anxious or upset when dealing with someone or something, ask yourself why you’re feeling those emotions, or ask yourself why you reacted in a certain way. Eliminate the thoughts that hinder you and no longer serve you.

Thought For The Day To Meditate On

  Meditation allows you to control your mind at a much deeper level. That level will give you moments of clarity, reflection and realization. Once you have those moments, you are gifted the opportunity to change the way you see the world. Find beauty in the present moment and in your everyday experience.

Thought For The Day To Meditate On

It’s hard to perceive truth about any situation in life with an unbalanced mind. Balance your mind by allowing it to be in the present. Our perception of any situation is in our own hands- meditate, breathe deeply, and peacefully ground yourself into the present moment.

Who’s Got The Power?

When Charles and Sarah came in to see me they were very worried about their 10 year old son, Jimmy who had been recently diagnosed by his school psychologist to be suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder. You see Jimmy had persistent thoughts about death. He bugged his teachers to answer his questions on death and dying. Little did he realize that not …