Breakthrough Your Fears and Anxieties

I don’t know about you but as a young child I was scared of the dark and had an over active imagination of monsters under my bed and bad men lurking outside my home. 

Luckily for me, it never got too dark in my bedroom because of the street lights just outside my window. 

Eventually, I grew up and left home for a trip to the Himalayas. 

I remember this one particular incident in our trip. It was pouring rain and very cold and the rickety bus the few of us were traveling in was navigating some sharp turns in the mountains some 10,000 feet above sea level. When I looked down I realized that the sheer drop by the mountain side was both beautiful and at the same time quite treacherous and really fearsome! I became nauseated and running a fever with chills. 

Moreover, the onslaught of relentless rains sent mud landslides and boulders hurling on the narrow road in front of us. Luckily villagers from nowhere would come out in the dark to help clear the rocks and mud on our path not once but several times. 

I remember the last mudslide was so bad that all of us had to get off the bus. At first it was raining heavily with heavy gusts of wind when we got off the bus. The darkness was so bad that even the high beam lights on the bus could not penetrate it. We were all shivering in the cold and rain not knowing whether we were going to make it back home alive! 

And then suddenly the rains stopped and I just looked up. Surprised. 

It was a most magnificent sight of beautiful twinkling stars. My anxieties and fears that no amount of positive thinking could remove, just melted away! 

We returned home enveloped in this Peace for the rest of our journey. 

I learned an invaluable lesson. I do not need to be ever again afraid of the dark…or of my fears. 

In the words of the spiritual writer, Barbara Brown Taylor: “It is the inability to bear dark emotions that cause many of our most significant problems..and not the emotions themselves..” 

If you too are facing challenging times or dark nights of the Soul in your life, and would like help in overcoming them, remember your fears and anxieties too will melt and disappear when you gain the correct perspective and inner peace. And you don’t have to visit the Himalayas! 


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With Love and Blessings, 

Dr. Vijaya 


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