Mission Impossible To Mission Possible: Understanding The Power Of Thought Is Easier Than YouThink

Whether it’s running a successful and financial healthy business with global impact or being present for your kids at their sports meets or finding quality time to be with one’s parents and family the solution may look impossible coming from a stressed and sped up mind. Instead easy, doable and creative solutions come when you experience fresh insights, new realizations and new ways of looking at life. This IS the competitive edge in Business and in Life.

Understanding the ups and downs of the nature of your own Mind makes life so much easier. When you realize that you do not need to control your thoughts (actually you can’t …just like there is no controlling the weather!), you can finally relax and let the stormy thoughts come and go without the drama and anguish. You realize that they are just your thoughts. All feelings come from your thought in the moment. With understanding it becomes easier to go with the flow of your experience and recognize when to trust your thoughts and when to ignore them. The movie of your life is always going to be playing and it works to your great benefit to be able to ignore it when it’s not helpful. You are in charge..finally!! Comment by Brenda, Business Owner;

“Life is made up of moments. When you are aware of the moments, you will be much more aware of the signs that the Universe gives you all the time. -James Van Praagh – 

When I heard him say this, it made me think of our teachings. By being in the moments, we can hear, see and feel the universe’s guidance. A busy mind is like a loud TV stopping us from experiencing anything other than what is on the screen. 

I realized today that I’m rarely thinking about my past and only thinking about tasks I need to do in the future. Most of the time I am present. I couldn’t say this 6 months ago.”

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