Connecting the Dots with Your Past and the Present… There IS Beauty in the Design

Every moment is interconnected.

Every thought leads to every feeling and to the next behavior…and to the next thought…and on and on…like the chains of a bicycle.

And thus, the emotional vibration around us is created which then becomes the energetic vibration around us that collides with and attracts others in our life.

Every moment has been created with divine intelligence leading us to make the choice:

  • to elevate or
  • to stay paralyzed in toxic patterns of fear and disempowerment

To elevate means to realize your divine nature and the Divine Intelligence of the Moment before you.

To elevate means to realize that any particular moment has been drawn to your awareness because of conditions that already exist WITHIN YOU and because YOU need to grow and transform through it.

The messages will keep on repeating themselves till something within you shifts.

What will shift?

  • The pattern
  • The feelings
  • The reaction to the obstacle

Once this shifts, everything begins to move at an exponential rate.

For this to happen, extreme Awareness is necessary. Because the change has to happen WITHIN THE PRESENT MOMENT.

Many people have no clue what this last sentence means.

You see you cannot change the past or future unless you come from Present Moment.

It took me decades to figure that the Present Moment was not a physical location. It’s much, much more than that.

Present Moment Awareness is your access to Peace, Happiness and Energy to get things done!

And if it’s really true that your past IS connected with the Present, then 2 important questions need to be answered:

  • How does your past connect with the present?
  • What are you bringing from your past directly into the present?

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With Love & Blessings,

Dr. Vijaya

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