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1st Thursday of every Month.

The next dates for these free sessions are: February 6th, March 5th, & April 2nd.


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2017 Interview Hosted By Healthy Revelations

2015 Interview Series Hosted By Sandy Fowler


Whether you are a beginning meditator or are already in practice, join in community and learn new pathways to reduce stress, settle your mind and live in the present. In this four week program, we will utilize breath work and guided meditations to move toward gratitude and patience. Come witness the familiar with fresh eyes and reconnect with your source. Learn to let go of stressful, limiting beliefs and access your greatest potential. Join us to:
  • Calm any busyness of your mind
  • Refresh any habitual thought patterns
  • Release internal struggle
  • Reduce chronic pain
  • Expand creative thinking and insights
  • Increase energy, joy and enthusiasm for life
'Class was excellent! VJ is very knowledgeable and presents information in a very caring and loving way. She treats each member of class as an individual and in a personal manner.' -NY

Recharge with this mini Meditation series to jump start your Spring! Registration includes a free private Clarity session with Dr. Vijaya.



Research has shown that those that have effective coping strategies have a higher functioning immune system and are less prone to fall ill. Today we will learn a comprehensive meditation approach designed to help us cope with the psychological and physical stressors of “day-to-day living.” We will learn inner quiet-ing methods that help us turn on the “relaxation response” in the brain to dissolve muscular tension, abort headaches, etc. We will also practice guided imagery and deep meditations aided by breathwork, and then use visualizations, with symbols that talk directly to our subconscious mind, to free us from old con-ditioning, negative emotions and habits. Experience how self-care tools can boost your self-confidence and focus, as well as reduce stress-related disorders and increase overall well-being.



Dr. Vijaya Nair serves as guide as we move into deeper levels of meditation to free ourselves from the patterns and programming of the past and to allow our lives to express greater clarity, centeredness and creativity. We will unlock our hidden power and encourage overall balance, creating a pathway to achieve goals, improve relationships, and experience happiness and fulfillment.



The bi monthly Exploring Human Consciousness Course provides Advanced Meditation Techniques and Tools to enhance and enrich the benefits of one’s daily practice of meditation. We learn deep meditation techniques that will bring you into states of Bliss and Peace that surpasses all understanding. It is a Gift to yourself!


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