Here are 3 reasons why an employee wellness program makes sense

(1) Increased engagement and productivity

It’s in your best interest to ensure your employees are healthy and less stressed. They’ll be more engaged and productive at work, which translates into improved employee performance.

(2) Employee retention

Who wouldn’t want to work at a place like Mobify that offers free lunchtime yoga classes? Recruiting and retaining top talent is always a challenge and a strong employee wellness program is just one more advantage in your toolbox.

(3) Better health

The main benefit of an employee wellness program is healthier, happier employees. Encouraging employees to make their wellness a priority can have far-reaching benefits. In her book, Next-Generation Wellness at Work, Stephenie Overman notes that a robust smoking cessation program at Union Pacific Railroad helped drastically bring down the percentage of employees who smoked — from 40% in the 1990s to just 17% by 2007.

While cost cutting is certainly helpful, it only makes up one part of the equation. Less quantifiable benefits such as “enhanced morale, higher employee job satisfaction and less absenteeism and presenteeism (at work but with a lack of focus or productivity)” are also important to consider.

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