How to Get Unstuck in Your Life

I want you to tell you about how to get unstuck if you are stuck in any area of your life for whatever reason.

It looks strange, but know that there are benefits for being “stuck in any area of your life.”

Stuck-ness is a seemingly dark energy field, and it’s something that most of us are not comfortable with.

I know I’m not and I used to struggle with it. And my usual modus operandi was to go around blaming other people when I feel I am stuck in any area of my life.

I used to say, “it’s really not my fault…. It’s all because of this person or the situation or circumstances. I don’t know what to do.I’m stuck.”

When I found out how to deal with this “stuck-ness energy,” it was amazing, like “wow, I see this dark energy coming me, like a wave coming back and I know now exactly what to do…”

What secret did I stumble upon?

Just close your eyes and breathe into this “dark stuck-ness  energy.”

So it’s a very counter-intuitive move, but if you just sit there, relax and breathe, you begin to look at your stuck-ness energy and know that instantaneously nothing is wrong with you!

Because that’s the first place most people go to when they feel their “stuck-ness energy”: that they’re wrong and they are to be blamed.

So when you realize you’re not wrong, then what?

With time and guidance you realize that when you relax and breathe into the stuck-ness energy you feel, a beautiful familiar feeling called “Life” just came up again.

Sometimes it takes two minutes. Sometimes it takes a couple of hours. But whatever it takes, just sit with it,  relax and just breathe.  You allow that beautiful feeling of your true nature to come up. And that’s when you have your surprising insights.

The path you need to take is right in front of you. You actually ‘see it’.

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With Kind Regards,

Dr. Vijaya

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