How To Handle Overwhelm And Stress In Business And Life

Imagine what would you see and experience when you can ignore the knocking of your insecurities?

Imagine what unfolds for you when you look into the deeper and experience the Intelligence behind all of Life and see how this deeper Truth unfolds in your life?

Like to share with you the story of Barbara came to see me with crippling self doubts, overwhelm, insecurity, feeling stuck and confusion as to the direction to take with her business. She thought she was not good enough to continue running her successful family business. It was getting to be all too much.

Barbara was experiencing burnout not only in her business but also in her marriage. She was troubled and worried when she came in.

When Barbara got an understanding of how her Mind, Consciousness and the Power of Thought i.e. the Three Principles as discovered by Sydney Banks, she realized that this Understanding did not solve her problems. The Principles are a description underlying all human psychological experiences. It eliminates problems!

They point to a deeper spiritual Truth or Wisdom inherent as Innate Potential in everyone. The Principles do not offer solutions to fix life problems because they point towards a deeper truth within all of us that is quite capable of providing us with insightful wisdom for ALL our challenges. Sometimes we need a little help in remembering to look in the direction of our own wisdom and resilience. All kinds of miracles happen whenever we remember to do that!

Barbara became happier as she discovered her infinite Creative Potential and Resilience within. Her business like her marriage turned a corner as she “saw” where the real issues lay and was not bothered by her deeper insecurities. Instead she allowed spaciousness and rest into her day and learned to trust herself more.

She was so surprised how much she could accomplish by taking rest whenever she needed to without the guilt and worry while experiencing the inner beautiful feelings associated her Inner GPS (God Positioning System).

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