Overcome Overwhelm

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed because there’s simply not enough hours in the day to do everything you need and want to do? 

Maybe there’s also pressure on you to accomplish even more, given all the limitations on your time, your money, your relationships and your health?

And you so want to play a bigger game and succeed at the highest level and impact more people in your life… 

The feelings are right there to achieve more and succeed more and yet right along side is the anxiety and overwhelm.  

You ask yourself repeatedly“ Am I really able to do this? Do I really want to lose sleep, and try so hard to reach for the stars? What if I fail?” 

Feeling overwhelmed is a little bit like losing control of a moving car…on an icy road. 

This happened to me twenty years ago when I lost control of my car and I turned 180 degrees on a 4 lane major road. It was a miracle that the road was totally empty of vehicles and people in the middle of the morning commute. There was not a scratch on the car either! 

Whenever I think back on that incident that icy wintry day, I realize that in that moment of the car spinning out of my control, there was really nothing I could have done to prevent myself or others from being hurt.  

But you see, I remember I surrendered when I took my hands off the wheel and foot off the brakes and trusted very firmly that the car would right itself. And it did in the shortest time possible!  

So if you are feeling overwhelmed with everything happening in your life right now, and you would like to know how to Surrender and take control of and realign your life to success with inner peace, click here for your one on one Overcome Overwhelm session with me. 


With Love and Blessings, 

Dr. Vijaya 


P.S. Only you can feel Inner Peace for yourself under the myriad of circumstances and the never ending “list of to dos” in your life. 


Click here if you’d like to know the pathway to find the Peace within to help you succeed in life. 


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