Power, Profit , Pleasure & Transformation: Why does this Combination Matter in Business & in Life?

Hustle, hard-work, and sacrifice are old, limiting ideas of what it takes to succeed in business and life.

High levels of stress, pushing, grasping, and striving all have a major downside. They aren’t sustainable, and can take a toll on the quality and enjoyment of your life.

What if there was another way?

Discover In this week’s Meet up LIVE session Nov 7th 2018 from 6.15pm -8.30pm session title: “Power, Profit , Pleasure & Transformation: Why does this Combination Matter in Business & in Life?” :

Where we come from within ourselves matters more than any singular activity we will do for our business.

When you understand how all this works, you can leverage it more easily and effectively. You can use it to maximize your impact and your results with more engaged clients, increased sales and greater bottom line business growth.

Understanding the REAL differentiator, the REAL source of performance, connection and tapping into new levels of potential allows entrepreneurs and leaders to connect the dots between the formless creative potential of their minds, and the form of their work in the world.

The nature of this ONE variable will take your performance, business, and well-being to the next level.

Once you SEE it, you can be more focused, conscious and deliberate about it. There are endless NEW EXPERIENCES, FRESH INSIGHTS and NEW LEVELS of engagement, momentum and results to tap into.

When you get oriented to the REAL leverage for business performance, you’ll go beyond previous limits to achieve a quantum leap in your results.

There is POWER, PROFIT & PLEASURE in showing up to our business with an understanding of how to bring your BEST SELF to the table and how to naturally access new levels of CREATIVITY and POTENTIAL.

The “Secrets to Enlightened Entrepreneurship” is meant to bring together like-minded, high achieving individuals. to create a space for connections, new insights and real-world results. To connect you to a powerful understanding that will change the game for your work and life.

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