Private & Group Coaching

The goal of these sessions are to offer a comprehensive meditation practices designed as a way to adapt stress reduction/ life-enhancing for individuals in all walks of life. The objective here is to help participants develop techniques and resources to address the different levels and kinds of psychological and physical stress that they face in their day-to-day living. Participants will be taught how to utilize their own hidden potential and strengths and to focus on developing a greater sense of creativity, empathy and a more holistic attitude towards nurturing themselves. The belief here is that whether or not they stand within a religious tradition, there is a desire within each individual to create and to contribute in a way that gives satisfaction and promote good physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

Coaching benefits

  • To reduce stress
  • To be more focused
  • Maximize objectivity
  • Increase productivity
  • Create more joy in life
  • Access greater creativity
  • Raise self-confidence
  • Enhance communication skills
  • Promote greater clarity of mind

Guided Imagery Meditation

Daily meditation is extremely effective in helping individuals become more relaxed and less likely to manifest the severe effects of physical and psychological stress.

The degree of stress symptoms that manifests in individuals depends on the effectiveness of the coping strategies for dealing with stress. To some degree, stress is in the eye of the beholder. Individuals who are good copers have been found to have fewer stress-related physical and emotional symptoms. Research has shown that they also tend to have higher levels of immunological functioning and are less prone to falling ill. Hence, from a therapeutic point of view, stress reduction techniques offer a method of teaching students new strategies for dealing with stress.

There is a well-known story that captures our society’s demand for instant answers and immediate results.

This is the story of a rich man who wanted to send his son to a well-known university, but he wanted him to graduate in just two years so that he could go into the family business. The old man offered to pay double if his son could be graduated early. The dean said to the father,” Well, I can graduate your son early, but first tell me one thing. You must know what you are settling for. You must decide if you want parsley or an oak tree. It does not take long to grow parsley, but an oak tree takes years of careful nurturing and growth before it matures. Tell me: is it a little sprig of parsley that you want or a mighty oak?”

If we are searching for the mighty oak, for the wellspring of our creative potential then we have to give up the idea of instant enlightenment and stress reduction and be willing to work consistently and sincerely. Everyone has the potential of benefiting from practicing stress reduction techniques on a daily basis. Participants with stress related disorders may tend to benefit the most from using these approaches, but everyone who uses them will find greater physical and psychological health and well-being. The stress reduction practices taught in the course offer some of the best educational tools to students to promote a preventive approach to psychological and physical health.

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