The Blame Game

Oh my God. That’s a very familiar game. In my case, I’ve played it so many times in my life and have always come out a loser on the other end.
It didn’t matter who I blamed, it was a no-win game. I always felt miserable, even when I was blaming others in my headspace.
But then one day, I had surprising insights into handling this Blame Game.
Something very, very profound shifted in my life when I realized that if I didn’t blame anyone, and I could Breathe and just look at the hurting situation from the point of curiosity, (which is very hard I know when you’re feeling really upset and angry), surprisingly my anger calmed down.
Unbelievably, I could even genuinely appreciate the other person or situation!
I also realized a few other things:
  1. That there’s nobody out there that’s responsible for the mess I’m in, especially in all the situations that I tend to blame others. I am the common denominator.
  2. The blame game becomes useless because it is a massive energy zapper. 
  3. I also don’t have time to indulge with fun in my life when there are negative worries in my headspace.
  4. When I actually stopped and looked at what’s going on, I saw that I could either choose to continue to blame others or my circumstances and feel victimized and sorry for myself or if I could just step back, and suddenly it might hit  me, “hey, this is my usual modus operandi of being a victim whenever my insecurity shows up.”
I promise you behind a blame game, there are deep levels of insecurity that’s showing up. It’s so perfect for catching your vulnerabilities at its conception and suddenly have a genuine appreciation for your insights!
So if you want to stop playing the blame game, the game where you lose every time and instead realize and release the deep-rooted insecurities that cause you to react angrily in the first place, just click here for Your Breakthrough Blame Game session.

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