The Goal Delusion — Are you Overwhelmed by Your Goals To- Do List?

There is a sinister trick of the mind which leaves us feeling unfulfilled no matter how much we achieve in life.

In the past, my client Sue before coming to meet with me, would typically set around 10 goals in different areas of life, then try to fit them all into her life… and typically give up on all of them after a couple of weeks.

Then she would re start again. And would judge what poor progress she had made..and feel guilty and sad.

She didn’t realize it, but she and many others like her had fallen into The Goal Delusion.

The Goal Delusion is the myth that you need to achieve external results and reach your goals in order to be happy, whole & complete.

This is what gets us stressed-out, overwhelmed & often leaves us disappointed a few weeks after starting, regardless of how much effort we put into our Goal-Setting Systems.

It is a manifestation of what I call the “Outside-In” Illusion – the illusion that feelings (like happiness, whole-ness and feeling worthy & successful), can come from somewhere other than the God-given gift of thought in the moment.

Since realizing this, Sue experienced an internal shift & 2 really cool things happened for her goal-setting:

#1: She naturally dropped many of the goals that she always thought she ‘should’ go after (but never felt great about).

#2: She became much more aligned with her heart’s truest desires & her pursuit of those real ‘goals’ became completely effortless & their achievement became inevitable.

This is the secret that lead to her to writing a #1 bestselling book, creating a holistic center that changes people’s lives every week, achieving a Integrative nutrition certification, following through on daily spiritual practices, being productive from dawn, and much, much more.

If you’d like to drop the regular ‘goal-setting’ stuff and get a taste of real, effortless, inner-transformation, I invite you to do something that will permanently free you from the Goal Delusion.

CLICK HERE for a complimentary hour long Breakthrough session with me to Easily and Effortlessly define your Heart’s true goals (They are well hidden!). We will also come up with a doable blue print as to how to look at and dissolve your deepest challenges and obstacles to fulfill on your heart centered and meaningful Goals!

This could literally change the trajectory of your life forever!

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