The Law of Inner Peace: What is that?

Inner peace is your natural state.

Today, we are going to hit the re-set button on our Inner Peace.

What is Inner Peace?

Inner Peace is a deep feeling of fulfillment that nothing in the external world can give you.

Believing that something external can give it to you is the only thing that takes it away.

When you are not seeking it, it finds you.

Different names, same experience.

  • InnerPeace, Serenity, Love
  • Confidence, Fearlessness, Courage
  • Fulfillment, Success, Happiness
  • security, safety, wellbeing
  • Deep positive inner feelings that we want keep forever.
How do most people search for this state?

  • Most people search outside of themselves for inner peace.
  • Religious people pray, hoping to find it
  • Spiritual people meditate trying to find it
  • Personal development enthusiasts try to read/study/take courses trying to find it
  • Business owners grow their businesses trying to find it (security)
  • Sales people try to make more sales bring to find it
  • single people search for partners, hoping that will give it to them
  • Married people fight when they realize thief partner can’t give it to them
  • Employees do everything they can to hold on to their jobs, because losing the job would  mean losing it…
  • Mothers will do anything to give it to their children, but they can’t —they don’t really have it themselves
Inner Peace is your default factory setting.

You’ve had it all along.

You have it right Now.

But for the illusion (that there’s something you need to do/achieve/create before you can have this feeling), you would have it right Now.

You see, every human being has innate wellbeing & Inner Peace.

If you leave your thoughts alone, and become more conscious of the Nature of Thought…a formless energy —- your super power that you did not know about—- the rest happens automatically!

You’ll soon see your situation with Clarity.

Inner peace will naturally return. It’s your default. You are wired for happiness & peace.

Unfortunately you’ve spent so many years thinking your way out of it, with thoughts based on the illusion (that a situation/circumstance can take away your inner peace, security & wellbeing).

If you’re stressed, I can absolutely guarantee you 2 things:

  1. It looks like your situation is causing your stress.
  2. You absolutely do NOT realize  that your stressful thinking is the ONLY cause of your stress.
You do not need any “technique” to not fall into the illusion. Just realize it’s an illusion. Like driving down a highway and seeing a mirage…

It’s simply not true! Just wake up!

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