Using Intuition versus Judging A Situation or Someone In The Moment

“If the only thing people learned was not to be afraid of their experience that alone would change the world.”

~ Sydney Banks

Did you know that your judgement is who you blame, criticize, complain, whine about in the moment? It’s a human trait, like gossiping that is hard to let go of.

Intuition  especially during difficult times is as simple as seeing how this moment is pointing towards the evolution of your Higher Self. How do you get out of your own way?

For me when push comes to shove, it always boils down to letting go and Trusting my Intuition that the Divine has a better plan than I could possibly contrive with my limited intellect or ego mind! Many times it’s scary to my ego even as I let go and the Brilliant Divine Plan unfolds.

If unsure what your intuition is saying, just ask yourself: 

“How is this moment inviting me to evolve? What old comfort zone is it liberating me from? Which weakness is this moment helping me strengthen?”

The answers are always within you. It’s simply a matter of giving yourself enough time to tune in, receive the wisdom, and swiftly act upon it with faith, humility, and compassion for all.

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