Who’s Got The Power?

When Charles and Sarah came in to see me they were very worried about their 10 year old son, Jimmy who had been recently diagnosed by his school psychologist to be suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder. You see Jimmy had persistent thoughts about death. He bugged his teachers to answer his questions on death and dying.

Little did he realize that not only was his teachers unable to answer his questions they also decided that his child-like curiosity was abnormal.His school psychologist agreed to a trial of medication. Luckily for Jimmy’s parents, they decided to ask for my help how to handle the situation.

I met with Jimmy and his parents separately and saw the issue. It was sticking out like a sore thumb.

Although Jimmy had not realized it, the circumstances around his desire to know a morbid topic like death brought out a lot of feelings in his teachers.

His teachers felt that Jimmy’s child like questioning brought on their worry and anxiety especially given their insecure feelings over the topic. Jimmy is also very intelligent as evidenced by the fact that he was in the gifted children’s class. He was interested and wanted to know more.

Our inability to handle insecurity can lead to serious consequences if not managed properly. This family was fortunately able to see past everyone’s including their own insecurities and realized that they needed help.

Jimmy and his parents learned the powerful nature of their Mind and the Power of their thoughts to generate insightful answers when the mind was calm. During one memorable session, Jimmy had a powerful insight..he saw the Nature of mind..as The “Package Deal”  ..where when the mind was quiet and calm,  insights to problems came with the beautiful feeling of the formless spiritual wisdom energy from within.

Jimmy was satisfied with this experience of his True Self or Innate Intelligence, which is the source of all Wisdom. He learned he could access this Creative Source of All Potential at all times. No more obsessive thoughts! Instead he used his energy to play and excelled in his favorite game of soccer.

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