Why You Can Handle The Truth: Anytime, Anywhere

One of my clients Anna, who is an accomplished architect came to see me for her severe anxiety around managing their contractors and his team of workers. The family were going through a massive home renovation project and nothing was going their way with multiple delays, poor communication and sloppy work by their contractor and his team. Anna and her husband got into frequent disagreements and their marriage was going though tough times. Anna had poor sleep and lost her zest for life. Things were not going her way at all.

During her sessions with me, Anna got clarity that her anxious feelings were coming from her mind and her thoughts in the moment and not by the contractor and his team. She was initially puzzled as to why some days she was able to handle her “stress” and other days it was all too much.

When Anna saw the powerful way all her feelings were only coming from her thoughts in the moment and not from the circumstances and people she thought were the cause of her stress, she had a massive realization…

She realized that she had a lot of insecurity around the home renovation project and took her husband’s criticisms too personally.

When she experienced a quiet and calm mind she understood his frustrations and saw how she could respond to the situation by not reacting emotionally and communicating impulsively. Her communication style improved and she was able to convey her real problems to the appropriate member of her renovation team instead of being blind-sided by her anxious and insecure feelings.

Anna discovered that she could handle the Truth!

In fact, she experienced insight after insight  as a result of understanding the Power of her Mind and Thought and ability to effortlessly let go her anxious feelings and have creative ideas come up for her.

Her creative ideas for her home renovation pleased everyone!

Anna had everyone work harmoniously together and got the home renovation done in the shortest time possible! What a Miracle for this family!

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