You are not alone.

If worry, fear and anxiety is coming up for you, know that it’s absolutely okay and you are not alone.

When the worry, fear and anxiety come up to the surface, simply thank the part of yourself that is choosing to identify with it.

This part of you is only choosing this response because that’s how they have been taught to cope. By parents, teachers, church leaders, trainers, culture, etc who were taught to cope in this way themselves.

This part of you never was really taught anything different growing up.

From this awareness, it’s more accessible to have greater compassion and respect to the part of you that has been choosing to identify with the fear all these years.

They were just doing the best they could with what they knew at the time.

When any part of you is feeling worries, anxious or afraid, what she/he/they are really asking for is to receive more of your love, compassion, understanding and affection.

Worry, fear and anxiety = feedback that part of you (your inner child) desires to receive more of your love.

That’s all worry, fear and anxiety really is.

The more love, understanding and affection you give to your inner child (especially when you/they are feeling worried, anxious and afraid,) the less inclined they are to be influenced by anything or anyone that intentionally promotes fear, separation or anything in between to gain power over you.

Choosing to love all parts of you, including the parts that have been programmed to identify with worry, fear and anxiety, is you taking back your power. 

Right now, you are being called to take your power back in a major way. It’s quite obvious isn’t it? It’s coming from every angle trying to get your attention.

All that’s asked of you is to listen and act from a compassionate and loving space.

YOU are the remedy to all that worry, fear and anxiety, and it has always been you.

We are all in this together.

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