Soul Access Wellness works with organizations to increase the performance of their employees on a mental, spiritual, and physical level. This results in a healthier, more productive, more motivated, and engaged team.
We are highly certified, award-winning, holistic wellness consultants. The results of implementing our wellness practices are self-evident.

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  • “My work with Dr. Vijaya has changed both my professional and personal life. Working with her allowed me to see how unhappy I was in my current job at that time and the potential I had to follow my heart felt passion. I was able to leave my job and grow my own business and now I am much happier. In a very short period my business has doubled in size and I have achieved financial success! We have more clients, more staff and are almost at full capacity!“

    – Heather H.

  • “Since my husband and I began our work with Dr. Vijaya we do not experience fear of lack of funds or overspending. All this was possible only because of the solid wisdom and fun approach of our sessions. We were also able to break our fear and took steps towards starting our own consulting business. In a very short time, we have already made more than 25k working on part- time projects!”

    – Sri and Ram

  • “Before the course my fears were so strong that at times I was afraid even to ask questions. In my business you need to ask lots of questions. The forgiveness meditation was like a light bulb for me, and small changes started happening. I am now more confident and enthusiastic! I am also doing well in my business!”

    – Patricia Parks, CA

“U.S. healthcare spending grew 3.9 percent in 2017, reaching $3.5 trillion or $10,739 per person.”

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