Vijaya Nair

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Our Programs help businesses owners, professionals and entrepreneurs transform from stress and burnout to Clarity, Fearlessness and Inspired Action.

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Before the course my fears were so strong that at times I was afraid even to ask questions. In my business you need to ask lots of questions. The sessions were like a light bulb for me, and small changes started happening. I am now more confident and enthusiastic! I am also doing well in my business!
Patricia Parks, CA
After a short period, Dr. VJ made a profound impact on my life, both personally and professionally. She helped clarify that one is a function of the other. After a short period of time I’m seeing the results she promised at the outset. Last month I had a 1 Million dollar month in my practice which was the best month of my career!
Steven S.
My work with Dr. Vijaya has allowed me to see how unhappy I was in my current job at that time and the potential I had to follow my heart felt passion. I was able to leave my job and grow my own business and now I am much happier. In a very short period my business has doubled in size and I have achieved financial success! We have more clients, more staff and are almost at full capacity!
Heather H.

I wanted the feeling of strength and peace to return in my life. Little did I know how much I had to learn!

Dr Vijaya has introduced me to an entirely different way of being in this world… taught me about our interconnectedness, rather than our separateness… taught me how to be both strong and loving and to see the world and the people in my life through a much wider lens.

Vijaya began by teaching me actual tools to strengthen myself. I have been able to begin to discover my inner source and begin living from my authentic self. Perhaps the most rewarding of all this “work” is the way that I am beginning to share these tools and love with my family and children.

I did not have any idea what I was looking for when I stumbled upon Vijaya. I only knew that I was experiencing fear and brokenness in my life. Vijaya is a wonderful and loving teacher who has taught me that I already have everything I need to lead a wonderful, loving and complete life within me. Discovering this person that I am is wondrous and has helped me become a more loving person, to myself, to my children and to everyone I interact with.Thank you!