The 3 Pillars To Transform
Stress into Power, Freedom & Balance

Discover the 3 Pillars to Transform Stress into Power, Freedom & Balance

In this free 45-minute webinar you will discover:


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I am thoroughly enjoying my Mastermind group with Dr. Vijaya! Having a peaceful outlook on life has been very surprising and this has been accomplished by connecting with my breath and engaging in deep breathing. Participating in the meetings and then listening to them again via the recordings has helped me to glean information and to learn about myself and others. I am continuing to learn and greatly appreciate the input and guidance from Vijaya and the participants (friends) in the group.
Joanne Hickling

…I see new potential in me. I am 100 % aware of my limiting belief systems and what stops me to take the action.

After the session, I am working from a very different energy level. This gives us the tools which we can use in day to day life to the big dreams that everyone has and needs to fulfill them.

It works from our own personal development to relationships, career and our dreams. It brings clarity, confidence, courage, peace and wisdom.

Mona J, Ct
I now have a life long tool and way to see life and living life differently.
Thank you SO very much! 🙏
Maria Valeroso, NYC, NY