I offer three different programs

Soul Clarity System

Home Study Course to Eliminate Stress for You and the Whole family

Ready for a Happy, Loving, Peaceful Home and Career?

There is so much out there it can be overwhelming. If you’ve tried EVERYTHING under the sun and still your life and household is stressed and chaotic… look no further.

In this program you will find proven strategies, tips and techniques that worked for me and hundreds of my clients for the past 20 years (this is NOT the same-old meditation and parenting advice you’ve probably heard before).

It’s a complete A-Z implementation plan to create your own Soul Clarity and Personal Freedom system (in 30 days).

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Soul Clarity Strategy Session

Free 1:1 Strategy Session with Dr Vijaya Nair

In this coaching call Dr Vijaya will help you to:

  • Create a clear vision of your life and transformational impact you want to create
  • Determine the essential building blocks to getting a life like the one you want
  • Discover the #1 factor stopping you currently from having the fulfilling life and impact you want
  • Identify the actions that will move you quickly and powerfully forward and into the vision you have created
  • Complete the session with the excitement of knowing exactly what to do next to create the fulfilling and happy life and impact and income you want
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Private & Group Coaching

Bespoke Coaching Program with Dr Vijaya Nair tailored to your needs

These coaching sessions are designed with the goal to reduce stress through teaching the life-enhancing practice of guided imagery meditation, for individuals in all walks of life.

Participants will:

  • Develop techniques and resources to address the different levels and kinds of psychological and physical stress that they face in their day-to-day living.
  • Learn how to utilize their own hidden potential and strengths and focus on developing a greater sense of creativity, empathy and a more holistic attitude towards nurturing themselves.
  • Enjoy benefits including reduced stress, more focus, better productivity, greater clarity of mind and enhanced communication skills.
  • Access greater creativity, raise their self-confidence and experience and create more joy in their lives.
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Dr. Vijaya Nair is one of the most empathetic and sincere coaches I have ever met. Her deep spirituality informs her professional practice as a transformational wellness and business coach. She has helped many of our advisors to our foundation during turbulent times and has helped them find balance and resilience.

Her “Inside /Out “ paradigm is simple, yet powerful. It helps create a mindset for success for helping us all rid ourselves of toxic goals, wasteful and negative thoughts. I recently participated in her easy webinar “Be An Unstoppable and Fearless Entrepreneur” and learned how to work smarter, not harder, by setting daily goals in alignment with one’s core values.

Her system helps senior entrepreneurs and people of all backgrounds reach their highest and best potential.

Dan Schneider, Esq., New York
Dr. Vijaya Nair uses her expertise in wellness to help her clients discover their inner being and widen their awareness of their limitless potential. She uses methodologies that raise the individual's consciousness to new ways of living their lives in a less stressful and more fulfilling way.
Eileen Mendel, CEO Inner Edge International
Host of "The Balanced Millionaire”