I have always been interested in whole body health. Whole body health encompasses the mind, body, and spirit. And, healing is more than just treating a physical ailment. It’s about treating mind, body and spirit in a way that gets to the root of the problem to help resolve the issue. It isn’t a temporary fix. It’s a permanent solution.

Soul Clarity System

The Ultimate SoulClarity and Personal Freedom System: Home Study Course to Eliminate Stress for You and the Whole family

Ready for a Happy, Loving, Peaceful Home and Career?

There are so much out there it can be overwhelming. So I want to put this simply- are you ready to get clarity of your soul and freedom to have a happy, loving, peaceful home and career. If you’ve tried EVERYTHING under the sun and still your life and household is stressed and chaotic you don’t have to look any further. You are not going to find anything you’ve learned from meditation and or parenting books in this program. In fact you won’t find any fluff in this program what-so-ever. What you are going to get is… proven strategies, tips & techniques that worked for me and all of my clients for the past 20 years.

Soul Clarity Strategy Session

Create a clear vision of your life and transformational impact you want to create

Determine the essential building blocks to getting a life like the one you want.

* Discover the #1 factor stopping you currently from having the fulfilling life and impact you want

* Identify the actions that will move you quickly and powerfully forward and into the vision you have created

* Complete the session with the excitement of knowing exactly what to do next to create the fulfilling and happy life and impact and income you want

Private & Group Coaching

The goals of these sessions are designed as stress reduction/ life-enhancing practices for individuals in all walks of life. The objective here is to help participants develop techniques and resources to address the different levels and kinds of psychological and physical stress that they face in their day-to-day living. Participants will be taught how to utilize their own hidden potential and strengths and to focus on developing a greater sense of creativity, empathy and a more holistic attitude towards nurturing themselves. The belief here is that whether or not they stand within a religious tradition, there is a desire within each individual to create and to contribute in a way that gives satisfaction and promote good physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.


Vijaya’s Book

Good health is within reach.
With Prevent Cancer, Strokes, Heart Attacks & Other Deadly Killers, you’ll find out how simple lifestyle changes can help you live disease free.

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