Vijaya Nair

My Vision: 100 million Healthy, Happy, Thriving Successful Entrepreneurs by 2030 Work Less, Worry Less, Prosper More, Enjoy More

My work and life is based on the belief and experience that all human beings deserve to live a soul fulfilled life of Happiness, Peace and Abundance and that this is possible for anyone who wants it!

I believe that the degree to which we can live from Soul depends on our ability to transform our negative beliefs, thoughts and experiences which all carry an energetic charge or frequency. By changing our “story,” we transform our reality, and thus, bring greater compassion, creativity and wisdom into the world.

I am committed to you experiencing Purpose, Grace and Ease. Please get in contact today to discuss how my programs can help you.

Dr Vijaya Nair is a mother and grandmother, Harvard and Columbia University Trained Physician, Transformational Health and Business Coach, Medical Researcher, Best Selling Author and International Speaker

Dr Vijaya has had extensive experience in delivering stress reduction and corporate wellness programs, workshops and seminars utilizing both behavioral and complementary approaches. She has taught visualization and guided imagery meditation to clinicians at Harvard and Columbia Universities and in corporations in the US and internationally.

She is a sought after public speaker, has authored numerous research publications, articles and books, and has appeared on radio and television as part of her passionate quest to spread the word about the amazing health benefits of nature’s most powerful anti-inflammatory remedies.

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I am now more focused and feel more empowered. I am ready to let go of belief systems that were thwarting my actions and inhibiting my sense of self.
P.E., NY
Dr Vijaya has been very insightful and helpful. It is amazing how breath and quieting the mind does help to cope with day to day challenges. When you learn something new, you realize just how much more you need to learn. This course has certainly whet my appetite to delve deeper. I truly appreciate the gift of learning that I have received from Dr. Vijaya."
Joanne, Canada
I learned so much about the power I have within me. With caring and thoughtful instruction I was guided through the steps of looking within for strengths and answers. Meditation is a powerful tool that has helped me stay true to myself. I look forward to continuing.
JL, New York